Digital Marketing: Social Media Marketing

Social media present several advantages for digital marketers. Most people use social media every day. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have in-built analytical data tools to allow companies to track their marketing process. This is done by tracking progress, success and consumer engagement. These new tools have made it easy to bring marketing to the consumers’ favorite platform.


Current and potential customers and staff, as well as the general public and journalists, are among those that companies can engage in social media on both mobile and social networking sites. By engaging with all of these a company can help promote themselves, products and potential sales.

The passive approach consists of tapping into blogs and forums to hear customers ‘ opinions on brands, products and service recommendations. They can then respond to customers and detect potential marketing opportunities. And there is an active approach where companies can communicate directly with a particular audience using social media influencers and personalities. Google Adsense is a tool that can find what a viewer is interested in by using an automated system by identifying keywords used by the viewer. This can allow a company to target those interested in the kind of product or services it offers.

All social media marketing campaign viewers become active participants rather than just being a passive viewer who does not have the opportunity to respond to the information presented to them. It encourages both positive and negative comments; it adds to marketing and also allows the company to respond directly and appropriately to the consumers. This is classified as engagement.

Two forms of engagement are used. The first is proactive, where photos, videos and text are regularly posted, which the viewers can then share. Secondly there is reactive which is done through conversations. This is the process of responding to consumers who have reached out to the company. This may be in the form of questions, complaints or customer satisfaction.

The main purpose of social media marketing or even local SEO in Sydney is communication. This allows a company to have access to consumers who have previously expressed interest in a product such as those offered by your company. It also allows your company to be visible to all others, whether they know your company or not.

Companies use social media marketing and SEO strategies to create hype about their business, communicate their products and services or potential changes and sales to consumers and respond retrospectively to those who have reached out. Overall, it’s a very useful marketing strategy that allows customers to be heard much faster than sending a letter to the mail.

Social media marketing is considered a more feasible financial decision because it requires little to keep one up and running. The platforms allow free accounts, and managers can do much of this without having to outsource. Even if specialists are employed in social media marketing, there are no advertising costs such as radio and TV. In addition, more than 80 percent of consumers use the web to research or purchase a product that makes social media marketing an effective marketing strategy that brings the information to where the audience is located. Facebook and Twitter provide advertisers with information about what products and services they want or do not like. This allocates a targeted audience to the company. This gives the company the opportunity to provide these customers with the right information. These customers can then share these posts expanding the viewing base and potentially increasing communication between new customers and a company and attracting customers as a potential buyer to your website.